May 2015 Issue
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Cover Story: Net Neutrality

The internet has become a fundamental part of our lives, providing us with everything from severe weather advisories to chocolate-chip cookie recipes. So when there’s talk about messing with it, people get riled up. Three Carnegie Mellon experts, who’ve been involved along the way, help explain what’s at stake.

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May 2015, Vol. 12 No. 2

The annual NFL draft has become quite a spectacle. This year was no exception. Held from April 30-May 2 in a packed Auditorium Theatre in Chicago and televised by ESPN, it was the realization of lifelong dreams for the selected college athletes. Learn in the Carnegie Mellon Today feature story “Gridiron Dementia” how CMU alumnus Bennet Omalu’s research may help keep those dreams from turning into a nightmare. It’s just one of many stories in the May issue that chronicles members of the university community impacting the world.