July 2010 Issue
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Cover Story: Check this Out

Every time we get in a car or a train or an airplane, we take for granted that everything will operate smoothly and that we'll safely reach our destination. Sadly, mechanical failures can happen, but a breakthrough computer program by Carnegie Mellon researcher André Platzer may make travel safer for us all.

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July 2010, Vol. 7 No. 3

Would you welcome the chance to rent your neighbor's idle car when you're left stranded without a set of wheels?

Could you ever imagine wanting to taste something that grows in the ground and has to be sniffed out by pigs or dogs?

Is it possible that a bunch of robots are bandmates to a legendary jazz guitarist who is on a worldwide tour?

Has Barbie really become a computer engineer?

Who are Carnegie Mellon's reigning Nobel laureates and Churchill scholars, and how did they achieve such remarkable success?

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